The Bolts Is Not About To Halt


The fantastic harmonization of The Bolts is a definite attention grabber. The usual hit play and walk away for most music that has filled this room in the past few days quickly came to a halt, followed by an immediate pivot back to where the tunes were coming from. The sudden urge to learn more about The Bolts became top priority.

It is beyond their harmonization that this rock band suddenly triggered my interest and commenced my normal thought process of distinguishing what category they would fall under. As quick as the interest piqued it was only a flash to turn my attention to the band’s overall musical presence. There sure is an incredible factor that is boiling up with their new released album called “Wait ‘Till We’re Young.” It has been a long time awaited album release, and you can feel the excitement of their enthusiastic fans for their cherubic creation. There is no doubt in my mind The Bolts’ live performance would be undeniably robust. A tour schedule that is a must know for everyone.

The Bolts is a modern rock band based in Orange County that persists to reflect their music in between classical and contemporary. The band is comprised of a 4-part vocalist and a feature drummer, something that is rarely seen: siblings Addam, Heath, and Austin Farmer as well with Matt Champagne and Ryan Kilpatrick. They first gained weighted attention with their first single that was in rotation in national radio, “Walk Away.”

It was only four years ago that The Bolts started making their mark in the music industry. They have been building their fan base while consciously engaging with their fans; not only through composition but also persistently working to involve those devoted supporters via social media apps and in person.

I clearly hear what their Manager/Producer Guy Eckstine saw when he first spotted this incredible group.

“The Bolts were handpicked as the only local band given the honor of opening the prestigious Sunset Strip Music Festival, as well as landing on the cover of The Huffington Post, with enough press buzz across the blogosphere to ignite a full on brush fire.  The Bolts have also earned numerous music licensing spots with Fox Sports, Delta Airlines, television shows, Degrassi, and Necessary Roughness, with branded marketing strategic partnerships with You Rock Digital Guitars, and the Sobe drink campaign, featuring Sports Illustrated cover supermodel, Kate Upton.” –The Bolts bio.

“Walk Away”